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    Over the last week, some of our readers have informed us that they have run into troubleshooting the Devicenet network.

    Just got back from checking in for a struggling guest. Call us. System a is a ControlLogix L50 version 7. Yes, I said SEVEN. 😀 Apparently, many years ago there was an attempt to update it to bring it back to version 12 or 13. And things didn’t go so well, leaving the original processor worn out as a result. The rack has a corresponding CNB in ​​slot 1, DNB/A in slot 2, DNB/D in slot about three, and the rest are I/O segments. Both DNB modules are powered by the same 24VDC power supply (24VDC @ 40A). The customer has complained that DeviceNet in slot 3 (DNB/D) is failing and failing, when this happens the module reports “Bus disconnect detected”. Usually, when you try to scan with Networx, none of the nodes are found. Under the input collection of the DNB module, the tracking bit output is not set, but I actually have DeviceFailure and CommFailure. To solve this problem, the patient found that he only needed to remove the DeviceNet connector from the front of the main module to reattach it. Turning off the rack does not require a power down, and the module must actually be unplugged and reinserted. I found it strange. After that, everything goes back to online trading and they continue to work until the next random error occurs. These processes happen again and again during this time, and some people do not have the opportunity to reproduce them. All cable lugs are indeed tested. I asked to see the current voltage, but returned 23.35. A little weak, but for tolerance. For the sake of recycling, we put this article at 24:00. I thought that if there is already a problem with the voltageie, the problem will be with the other DNB module, as well as with the 24 VDC I/O. Another thing I noticed was that when I tried to toggle the reset bit in the DNB command output register, it caused an error in the processor. Resetting the error and then toggling the RUN bit was enough to turn the DNB module back on. The customer is of course aware of the new incompatibility between Logix version 7 and DNB/D and will try to find an update again in the near future. This program works great for months and a few times and then there are bad days or weeks like today where it repeatedly fails forcing them to make sure you remove the DNB connector and then plug it back in. Honestly, I come home in the morning to be in touch. Any thoughts by then should be appreciated.

    00 -63 Normal operation. Do little or nothing. (The scanner address node is displayed on the screen.)


    The scanner failed the duplicate host address check. The host address is already in use. Change address this scanner channel, change the address of the specific conflicting device.


    Invalid data in checklist. Reconfigure the scan list and remove invalid data.


    Lost connection to device. (Goes up to 79 if the device fails to repair the drive during attempts.) Inspect the device and make sure the connections are correct.


    The device does not match the electronic secret (manufacturer, code, product type, version) found in the scan list. Make sure the correct method is used for this node information. Make sure the device matches the configured key in the scan list.


    Data overflow detected on port. Check the configuration for invalid data. Check



    No traffic detected. (It’s OK if the payment list doesn’t exist.) Create and upload a scan list.


    The network was not detected by the traffic analyzer. (Usually when there is no scan list the scanner listens for other traffic.) Create and upload a study list.


    Device data sizes are not compared to the list. Reconfigure the device or find different sizes of send and receive numbers.


    The device is in the scan list, but does not exist or does not respond to rescan due to code 72. Add a device to the entire network, or remove or block an entry from the scan list. See also Rule 72.

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro from the website
  • Step 2: Install it on your computer
  • Step 3: Run the scan to find any malware or virus that might be lurking in your system

  • 79

    Scanner failed to complete transmission, which usually means double checking the host (on power-up). Make sure the scanner is connected to at least one other host on a valid network. Just look for disconnected cables. Check your baud rate.


    User has IDLE scanner mode. Set the execute bit in the scanner command register. Put the PLC into RUN mode. ab devicenet troubleshooting


    User received scanner in FAULT mode. Check the PLC in addition to the program scanner command register.


    Error in line of fragmented I/O messages from device. Check device configuration. ab devicenet troubleshooting


    The device throws an error when the scanner tries to make calls to landlines. Check the list of scan inputs – it may indicate a connection (strobe, polling, etc.) that is probably not supported by the device. The device is listed on another scanning scanner. Check device configuration. Reboot your device.

    How do I test DeviceNet?

    Resistors should be connected to the blue and white wires of the DeviceNet TV. The resistor connection can be checked by turning off DeviceNet power and typically measuring the resistance between the Can_H and Can_L lines (blue and white wires). This can be measured with an ohmmeter. The reading must be at least 60 ohms.


    Initializing communication in addition to devices in the scan list. No. This procedure is after initialization is complete.


    Data is larger than 255 bytes. Configure disk for smaller data size. The personal data captured by the device has changed in size after initialization. Set the device to a fixed size. Replace the failed device.

    How do I connect to DeviceNet?

    Visit the main device portal.Log in to the portal with your BengalWeb username, change it, and follow the instructions.Enter the MAC address (hardware address) of the device’s cellular card.Enter a brief description of the new device and location.Click Submit.

    Download this software now to fix your PC and improve its performance.

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