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    Over the past few days, some readers have informed us that they are having trouble installing ie9 on Windows 7 64.

    Make sure you select the correct version of both programs.

    I just tried to install IE9 on my W7 64bit system and as a result it didn’t install, hangs with no error, tries 3 schedules, hangs at boot phase and there is no error, I had to kill it in task manager.

    Perform a clean boot using msconfig, follow steps 1 and 7 from the article below, reboot computer and install IE9 on the PC. If IE is likely to install, restart your computer again and then run msconfig again to undo any changes you made earlier. Restart timeout.

    How do I install Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 64 bit?

    Click on the launch icon.Enter Internet Explorer.Select Internet Explorer.Click the gear icon theme in the top right corner.Select About Internet Explorer.Check the box next to Install new versions automatically.Click Close.

    Step 1: Run Most of the System Configuration Utility Click Start, type msconfig in the Start Search box, and then press Enter.

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or require confirmation, enter the password or provide confirmation.

    Step 2: Adjust your selective startup options

    In the System Configuration Utility dialog box, on the General tab, click Selective Startup.

    Click here to clear the Load Startup Items check box.

    Go to the Services tab.

    Click to hide the Include all Microsoft services check box.


    click All, then click OK.

    If prompted, take a look at Restart.

    Unfortunately, I have to use Internet Explorer 9 for application testing and have followed the extremely helpful MS answersand troubleshooting guide on google, but never installed it.

    cannot install ie9 on windows 7 64

    Also tried IETester, Utilu IE Collection by downloading a triple trial version of Windows.

    All hitpoints will eventually stop or have no effect on “Format disk, reinstall Windows” decisions. Reinstalling Windows doesn’t work!

    I’m using Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1 (dual boot).

    "WindowsUpdate_80092004" to "windowsupdate_dt000"

    : as per “Get help with these errors”. However, if you look at the event logs, it says:


    cannot install ie9 on windows 7 64

    : This is confusing because it’s not the whole error. Why, window, why?

    There’s a perfect Microsoft fix you can download right now that after failing (why isn’t it running on autopilot via windows update?) and rebooting in safe mode failed over the network and installed directly from the offline installer, it “installs ie9 , but still if you run it and just click Help > About, it will point to your IE8 and then in many cases after the computer BSOD (blueth screen of death) and on reboot, phew! It’s still IE8.

    How To Install Ie9 On Windows 7

    How do I install IE9 on Windows 7 64 bit?

    Make sure this computer meets the Internet Explorer ( system recommendations.Use Windows Update to install all the latest updates for your computer.Install Internet Explorer 9.Manually install some required components.

    How to successfully install Internet Explorer 9

    1. Make sure your computer meets the system requirements for Internet Explorer (
    2. Use Windows Update to install the latest updates for your entire computer.
    3. Install Internet Explorer 9.
    4. Set the required conditions manually.

    Is Ie9 Suitable For Windows 7?

    Internet Explorer 9 was a free Internet browser for Microsoft Windows PCs and laptops. Developed and published by Microsoft, IE is still compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

    How To Install Explorer Electronic 6 On Windows 7 64 Bit?

    Unfortunately, you cannot install Internet Explorer 9 on a Windows 7 machine. The default browser for Windows 7 is Internet Explorer version 8. However, you can install Windows XP Mode on Windows 7 and use IE6 .rab. II 13, 1434 AH

    Can I Install Internet Explorer 9 On Windows 7?

    Is IE9 compatible with Windows 7?

    Free web browser from Microsoft. Developed and published by Microsoft, IE 9 is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

    How to download lots of Internet Explorer for Windows 9 Method 1: Download. Although most of the links are from Microsoft and A number of other reliable sources have disappeared, in general there are still a few references. Downgrade Method 2: Your Internet Explorer. Can I upgrade to Internet Explorer version 9? Method 3: Internet Explorer tab.

    How To Update Internet Explorer In Windows 7?

    Updating Internet Explorer on Windows 7/Vista Click “Start” and type “update” in the search box. Click Windows Update when it appears in the list of search results. The Windows Update screen appears. On our dedicated panel to the left of Windows Update, click Check for Updates.

    Can I Install Windows 7 As Part Of 64-bit?

    Go to the Microsoft Store website, sign in to your Store account, select Download and Options, select Windows 2011 Energy Tax Credits 64 Bit, and proceed to checkout. Note that this is a completely clean install, all programs and device drivers will really want to be reinstalled, and it’s up to your company to make sure you have the 64-bit versions of your personal ones.

    How Can I Upgrade Ie8 To Ie9 Windows 7?

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