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    Today’s guide is meant to help you when you get error 3101 sql. explanation. This error occurs when attempting to load when the assertion is that users access the database today. This error can occur with RESTORE DATABASE and RESTORE LOG. You can’t use the new RESTORE DATABASE statement while the database is being used by someone else, including yourself.

    You usually get “SQL Error 3101” when you try to access the database while the restore process is already running.

    At Bobcare, we encountered several SQL related issues from a member of our server management services at web hosts and online software providers.

    error 3101 sql

    Today we will look at the root cause of this error and how to fix it.

    What Causes SQL Error 3101

    This is actually generated by the SQL when the data store is interrupted while preparing for a restore.

  • The request is being executed during the database restore process.
  • All other applications use registration.
  • The user who is using the directory we are already trying to restore.
  • Determining which database we usually want to reproduceset to be the default for connecting to the data store.
  • How Do We Fix SQL Error Let’s 3101

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro from the website
  • Step 2: Install it on your computer
  • Step 3: Run the scan to find any malware or virus that might be lurking in your system

  • Now let’s see how our support engineers will fix this error for our customers.

    1. The database must have a system exclusive lock when we restore this database. Also, we have to kill some processes that are using a particular database. Studio management is good enough that all support features can try all these codes mode) (restore/save/kill/single user etc from query parser.

    2. Another way to get rid of this error is to remove from the database. To do this, do the following

    using commands Master DATABASE yourdatabasename transform SET MULTI_USER WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE;Delete the database name website

    3 of. try another rebuild if the last time the error persists. You can rename them to save *.mdf and *.ldf data in accordance with the task of backup and copying, also for restoring to another. In the end, it will work normally o.

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    In short, this SQL error occurs when you try to access an already existing database during the restore process. Today we will see how our engineers will fix this SQL error.


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    error 3101 sql

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    Data administrators may have noticed this error and know how to fix it. This blog post details the various answers available. Here is a simple double-fault the post refers to in order to gain exclusive access.

    SQL - Message Level 3101, 16 - Exclusive access could not be obtained because the restore-in-use-01-800x324 database is in use


    MasterWALKCREATING THE SQLAuthority DATABASEWALKDATABASE COPY ON DISK sqlauthority = 'SQLAuth.bak'WALK-- At this point, open another query window and attach to sqlauthorityrestore database from disk sqlauthority = 'SQLAuth.Are bak'walk

    Here are a few things we can check.

    1. Use sys.dm_exec_sessions to find out who is using the restored directory.Session_id,name
    select host, the name of the program,client_interface_name,Username,STATUS, is_user_processFROM sys.dm_exec_sessionsWHERE database_id Db_id('SQLAuthority')
    1. The database we’re trying to restore unfortunately doesn’t really need to be configured in the same way as the connection extension database I actually use. We can check which database is used by default for the connection when you run the query –
    Select a login name, Database nameFROM sys.sysloginsWHERE dbname means "SQLAuthority"

  • If = you want, you can easily disconnect the database offline, which will probably break the entire connection. .You .can .restore .then ..
  • We can also detach the database. When dividing my datadata and transaction log files are available in approximately the same place as the database. If we restore the same database, we will take care of the files if necessary, we will delete the same ones.
  • Another option would be to delete the database. Deleted after its files and data have been moved from the hard drive to the Internet hosting server. When a database is deleted, it is permanently deleted and may not be recoverable without the use of a redundant backup. East
  • Which option is most commonly used to upgrade a development/QA server to a production Pinal server?

    Reference: Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.Itemprop=”text”>

    Maybe com)

    SQL SERVER - Message 3101, Level 16 - Exclusive Access Cannot  Be obtained because the database is in use UseWALKCREATE restore-in-use-01-800x324

    Master YOUR SQLAuthority DATABASEWALKCOPY OF DATABASE TO DISK sqlauthority = 'SQLAuth.bak'WALK-- First open another query window and also include SQLAuthorityRESTORE TO DATABASE SQLAuthority DISK from = 'SQLAuth.bak'WALK

    Here are a limited number of things we can check.

    1. Use sys.dm_exec_sessions to determine who is using the database we are restoring.Session_id,name
    select host, the name of the program,client_interface_name,Username,POSITION Is_user_processFROM CASES, sys.dm_exec_sessionsWHERE database_id = db_id('SQLAuthority')
    1. The client base we are trying to improve should not be defined as the new default database for the connection we are using. We can search the database after doing the join in the query
    Select a login name, Sys database nameFROM.sysloginsWHERE database name is "SQLAuthority"
  • If you do a search, you can take the database offline, which will remove all credentials. After thisHow can you enjoy recovery.
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