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    Here are some simple ways that can help you solve the problem with error handling. 24.1 Introduction to error handling For example, if the user actually makes the mistake of entering text (string) into a text field intended for numeric values ​​such as a person’s body weight, the computer may not be able to perform certain arithmetic calculations on the text. so the necessary will almost certainly cause an error.


    What Is An Exception?

    An exception is a defined error, an undesirable error that occurs during a new execution of a program.A program that can be a system or functional exception. Exceptions are nothing more than a small and anomaly, usually some event or condition that occurs in the fulfillment of this testament can interrupt the normal course of the program.

    An exception can occur for various reasons, including:

  • Volume user entered data incorrectly or performed a division operation trying to divide zero by.
  • During the connection, the connection was lost or the memory of templates.exceptions ran out


  • Processing A Fatal Error Occurred During Program Execution, An Exception Provides An Opportunity To Transfer Control From One Part Of The Program To Another, Using Exception Handling To Handle Most Errors. VB.NET Exception Considered Built-in Keywords Like Try, Catch, Final, And Throw To Transfer Control Of A Piece Of A Program From One Person To Another.

    Keyword Description Try Attempt To Block Is Actually Used By Tracking For A Specific Oversight, Perhaps Only To Create An Exception In An Application. And To Deal With These Omissions, More And More Catch Blocks Follow. Catch Cut Code That Uses An Exception Handler To Catch Many Errors At The Point In The Program Where A Particular Problem Occurs. Finally It Is Used To Execute A Series Of Instructions In A Program, One Regardless Of Whether An Exception Has Already Occurred. Run As The Name Suggests, The Litter Owner Got Used To Some Difference In The Litter After Encountering A Problem.

    Exception Class In VB.NET

    In, there are indeed different types of exceptions that are represented by the class process. And these exception classes start with the parent class System.Exception. Next

    These two exception classes are used primarily in VB.NET.

    1. System.SystemException
    2. System.ApplicationException

    how to handle error in a systemexception: another base class that contains all the predefined exception classes, some and system-generated exceptions for rule classes generated at runtime, such asThey are like DivideByZeroException, IndexOutOfRangeException, StackOverflowExpression etc. d.

    System.ApplicationException: This is an exception class that throws an exception defined by the programmer or developer in the software. Moreover, we can say that it is a user-defined exception that inherits from the class System from.ApplicationException.

    Exception.handler block syntax

    In the above specific syntax, the try/catch section is always surrounded by advertising code that can throw an exception. And all this is a code known as real protected code. In addition, we can also use multiple Catch statements to catch different types of exceptions in a method, as shown in our own syntax.

    An Example Of How To Handle Exceptions

    How do you handle errors in Visual Basic?

    To make error handling easier, Visual provides a basic global diff called Err that helps you determine the error and its format. Since the error depends on everything that caused it and why, the error cost variables also know that they can make a difference and are not always the same.

    Let’s have a TV show for exception handling with Try, Catch and finally keywords related to dividing a number by almost zero from VB.NET programming.



    Create Custom Exceptions

    It allows users to create exceptions that derive from the ApplicationException class.

    Let’s create a great project gram to understand how to use custom exceptions in VB.NET exception handling.



    Use A Try-catch Statement

    Let’s create a program that uses most of the VB try-catch statement in .NET to handle exceptions.


    how to handle error in


    Throw Items

    In VB.Net exception handling, we can throw exceptions, a problem that stems directly or indirectly from the .Exception class system. To throw something using the throw statement, use an almost catch block, create for example:

    Let’s use this program to create a VB.NET exception object.



    This is part of the actual current manual. previous parterror time here: runtime

    vb.NET uses a built-in class that handles errors. The class is called Exception.If an exception error occurs, a fatal object exception is thrown. inThe form of encoding used by VB.NET to handle the exceptions mentioned is Try… — Capture structure.

    In the “To Encode” field, enterLook for the word “Try” on the button. Then clickPC return key on. VB.NET usually complements foryou:

    Try it

    How do you handle error handling?

    There are considerations for dealing with errors in Swift. Initially, you can pass a function error to the code that calls the function, handle the error with a do-catch annotation, treat error number one as a possible value, or assert that a major error won’t occur.

    Catch the rest of the structure ex As Exception

    Complete test word

    It means to implement “try this code”.Capture the text of everythingError means “Catch here”. Ex is just a variable and value is a variable objectthis is exceptions.string

    Move the code from to the last section numberfor trial part:

    Try it

    rt1.LoadFile(“C:test10.txt”, RichTextBoxStreamType.PlainText)

    Catch as attempts

    When an exception

    End you try your program, VB tries to execute any code in the test part.If all is well, go skip the capture. However, there should be an errorhappens to be VB.NET straight jumps to really catch. Add the following part of the return La to capture in your file :


    Your actual schedule window looks like this:

    Because it is a variable, the problem now has its own properties andOne is the properties message stamp. Run the So program andTry. Click the button. If you see the following confusing message:

    The message comes from all the “additional information”The part about the error message that people all over the world have already seen and that we need to fix. ButThe point of the last message is that it may not crash your program. to treat yougot an exception a and displayed the perfect message to the user.

    When you define the standard error that your program can generate, you can be sure thatEnter it from the error message box you saw earlier. This one:

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro from the website
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  • Step 3: Run the scan to find any malware or virus that might be lurking in your system

  • Download this software now to fix your PC and improve its performance.

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