Recently, some of our users reported finding a PCI device with a disabled linux kernel.

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    Interconnect Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI), as the name suggests, is a standard that represents how the peripheral equipment of a system can be interconnected in new structured and controlled ways. Usually describes how multi-stage components are electrically connected and how they should behave.

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    Disable Specific PCI Device,running In GRUB

    How do I disable a PCI in Linux?

    /sys/bus/pci/slots is available for Linux 4.0.For me, when it disconnected via AMD RX580, one echo > specific /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:01.0/ a container (debian) my # echo > 1 /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:01:00.0/remove.

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    linux kernel disable pci device

    My laptop consists of a Ryzen 5 with a Vega 2500u 8-10 graphics card and a dedicated RX560x GPU.

    My dedicated GPU is absolute right now and I can only use our onboard GPU (I've put together a few for Windows and there's really no problem with the onboard GPU, yes I'm dual booting).

    The crisis lies in Linux Mint because the name of the kernel module of one of the parties involved and the dedicated GPU together is "amdgpu".

    Now, in order for the process to complete the downloads in Mint Linux without errors, I will need to type "nomodeset" or just "modprobe.blacklist=amdgpu".

    The fact is that with each of these instructions, I want to use my only integrated graphics unit, and not disable both.

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  • Can I put an awesome directive in /ect/default/grub to disable a SPECIFIC PCI ID device? And generally don't blacklist the name of the core, module because all GPUs have the same "name". Only the PCI ID is different. LSPKI

    if integrated, 04:00 is. Because the highlighted 0.01:00 is .0.

    I just need to tell you that PCI 01:00.0 is disabled before the system boots.

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    Re: Disable Specific PCI Device In GRUB


    setpci: no operation specified.
    Try --help' `setpci for all information.

    [email protected]:~$ setpci --help
    Usage: setpci[](+[=]*)*

    General options:
    -f Don't complain when there's absolutely nothing to do
    -v Verbose
    -D List of changes, don't commit
    --dumpregs Dump all known registry names and exit

    PCI access options:
    -A Use the specified PCI access method to (see `-A help' for a list)
    -O Set

    Can I turn off a PCIe slot?

    Carefully find the PCI-E setting and use the "+/-" buttons to change the gaming state of the PCI-E slot to "Disabled".

    = to access PCI options (see `-O help' for a long list of PCI access debugging)
    Enable -g
    -H Use fast hardware access ( 1 = and even2)

    Controls -s setting:
    : [[[]:][]:][][.[]]
    -d []:[]
    : [+][.(b|w|l)]

    : [,...]
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    Re: Disable Specific PCI Device In GRUB

    You can try going into the BIOS settings at power on, find the graphics settings and toggle them if you want to integrate, only if that option is still available. If it can be done without question, try it, and once the repaired computer is restored, return it to its original value.

    Even if you don't know how to enter the BIOS, read your screen quickly when you turn on the power, usually for the boot screen.for OEM; Returning to one of the corners with small print, he should tell you everything. Function key Media channels are required to access the configuration. (You will need to turn it back on with the F keys if you know which F key you know, as many usually don't give you much valuable time to make a decision. Immediately after turning it on, keep pressing the F key. and again and again, until the screen appears (should be "configuration").

    If your BIOS follows the classic blue/white/grey configuration, be sure to carefully read the detailed guide that recommends which navigation to get you started (usually the arrow keys and the start button to select an item) and not to do. Do not accidentally change anything with you by mistake. Secondly, if you are sure that you have changed the desired settings, be sure to save the overrides before exiting.

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    Re: Certain Disable PCI Device Via Ne Grub

    I don't know why people posted this or what anyone was trying to say. However, the generally accepted methods of finding the necessary information, for a good and reliable team, is to use the query mechanism and / or


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    Re: 2009 Disabling A Suitable PCI Device In Grub

    You are a search engine. I posted this as users are getting ready for just having "setpci" do nothing. so cute can you tell me which control i need to save to write on the device to help you and me
    Thanks for answering!

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    Re: Disable Specific GRUB In Pci-gps

    People here are volunteers, no one will feed you with a spoon.

    Definitely, here is a link showing how setpci works in GRUB to direct VGA when outputting a pci resource:

    This is basically the opposite of what you want, which means you should be able to do the same thing with mods.

    linux kernel disable pci device

    Which the ? Modifications Here you will have to do your own research, define memory, address bits to enable or disable, etc. Internet, not


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    Re: Disable GRUB Cleanup For Your PCI Device

    Thank you for your reply.
    Tried to the topic of creation on the forum.
    My laptop, following this guide, is stuck at the ACER logo and not booting into "boot mode". So I forcefully disconnected using the "disconnect" button.Change the power level.

    How do I disable PCIe device?

    On the screen, select System > Utilities > System Configuration > BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) > Device pci Enabled/Disable and press Enter.Select the device for the system from the list and from press Enter.Enableselect Disable or and press Enter.Press F10.

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