Sometimes your system may display an error code stating that my reminders are not working in Outlook 2007. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    Start by clicking on the “File” tab. On the left side of the interface, click Options. In the Outlook options, select “Advanced”; In the “Reminders” section, turn on the “Show Reminders” system. ‘ Add the desired sound and click OK.


    Reminders for meetings, tasks, follow-ups, and items do not appear in Outlook.


    This issue can occur if you specifically have the ability to display reminders that are either disabled in the Outlook UI or through a Group Policy setting. A feature often configured through Group Policy is disabled (grayed out) in the UI style. Therefore, it cannot be personalized.


    If reminders are not saved by Group Policy, follow these steps to re-enable reminders.

  • Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, and Outlook for 365

    1. On the Office Files tablet, select Options.
    2. Select “Advanced” in the Outlook Options dialog box.
    3. Show reminders in the Define Reminders section.
    4. Press ” K”.
  • Outlook 2007 as well as Outlook 2003

    1. On the Tools menu, just click Options.
    2. On the “Other” tab, select “More Options”.
    3. In the advanced dialog box selector, select Callback Options.
    4. In the Reminder dialog, select Show these reminders.
    5. Click the OK button three times.
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    The ability to control the display of reminders from Outlook is stored in some Windows registries using the following PC data.

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  • Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USERsoftwaremicrosoftoffice\OutlookOptionsReminders
    DWORD: type
    Values: 0 = don’t show reminders, 1 = show reminders (there is no default behavior for value type)

    Contact your site’s naming administrator if you need the following setting changes from the current dollar value provided by Group Policy.

  • 2 minutes for successful reading
  • Applies to:
    Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Microsoft Outlook 2010, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, Microsoft Office Outlook ’03, Outlook for Office 365
  • my reminders are not working in outlook 2007

    Serious problems can arise if you incorrectly modify the registry of a laptop or computer, or write it in another way. These issues may require you to reinstall each of our operating systems. Microsoft cannot guarantee which issues will resolve them. Editing the registry is done at your own risk.

    In this registry path, typically represents the version (16, Outlook.0 = Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019 or for Office 365, 15.0 = Outlook 2013, 14.0 = Outlook 2010, 12.0 implies Outlook 2007). , 11 and .0 = Outlook 2003)

    If the pointer display setting is controlled by policy, the path to the registry key is slightly different.
    Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USERsoftwarePoliciesmicrosoftofficeOutlookOptionsReminders

    Does it happen that Outlook reminders don’t appear from the start? Microsoft Outlook gives small businesses the opportunity to relax before the task ahead, as it wakes you up at the right time and shows you a notification about it. Unfortunately, this aspect doesn’t work for many people because the reminders don’t show up. The difficult task also occurs in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2019 Office 365.

    N Outlook reminders do not appear immediately in Windows 10 during meetings, tasks, and follow-ups. This issue can cause issues when various features are disabled either in the user interface or through a Group Policy setting. If any of these have been changed by group policy, this feature will no doubt be disabled (grayed out) in the user interface.

    Outlook Reminders Not Showing Up In Solutions

    Why are my reminders not working in Outlook?

    This issue can occur if customers have disabled the option to display tooltips, either in the Outlook user interface itself or by using a new Group Policy setting. If Group Policy integration is configured, all pairsThe meters will be disabled (grayed out) and displayed in the user interface. Therefore, it should not be changed.

    Here are recommendations on how to fix Outlook reminders not showing up in Windows 10 –

    From Outlook Itself

    Step 1: Click Start, type Outlook, and press Enter. Select “File” in the upper left corner of the application.

    Where are my reminders in Outlook?

    Click on the person’s “File” tab, click on “Options” on the left side of each of our windows, then select “Advanced”.In the “Reminders” section, see the “Show reminders on top of other windows” option (Figure B).click OK.

    Step 3: When the Outlook Options window appears, navigate to the left column and select Advanced. Go to the most appropriate section and make sure you see reminders in the Reminders section. If not, check and click OK.

    Important! In Outlook 2007 and 2003, select Show this reminder in the Reminder Options dialog box. Click OK three times 3.

    Use Editor estra

    You can make Outlook Reminders appear in more than just the foreground by moving registry values. Adding to value in exact regedit hives calls memory. However, if you screw up while editing the registry in Notepad, you may run into serious errors. Therefore, we advise your company to register at your own risk.

  • Click Search, type regedit.exe in the taskbar, and press Enter.
  • After the basic UAC prompt locks the screen, select Yes.
  • Go to the following data, then the registry editor will appear –
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USERsoftwaremicrosoftofficea.-0outlookoptionsreminders

    How do I set a reminder in Outlook 2007?

    Set automatic reminders for all Outlook 2007 tasks Step 1: Select the type “Tools” > “Options”. Step 2: Currently in the Options dialog box, click the Task Options button on the Options tab. Step 3: In the Task Options dialog box, check the “Set task reminders by due date” permission and click the OK button.

    Important! In this registry path, a.0 points to the version of Outlook –

    16.0 = “Outlook 2019 2016” or Outlook for Office 365,
    15.0 = Outlook 2013,
    14.0 = Outlook 2010,
    12.0 = previous Outlook and
    11.0 = Outlook 2003)

    • Switch to the window immediately, right-click anywhere in the empty space, then select New => “DWORD (32-bit) value.A”

  • Provide information about this value – type.
  • Now double click Type, enter one fragmentEnter the information in the Value field and click OK.
    • Close the Registry Editor, Windows will restart File Explorer and check if the problem is gone.

    If you get an error, callbacks will be done by group policy

    my reminders are not working in outlook 2007

    In some cases, you may receive an error message that reminders are managed by Group Policy. In this situation, the flash drive remains on the registry path –


    As with the previous correct method, click the empty yard in the right pane and select New followed by a DWORD (32-bit) value.

    Now double click Type, 1 just enter the value in the data field and see OK.

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