This guide has been written to help you when you receive The sims 2 troubleshooting error code.

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    Large community of modders.
    Disk version may not work productively under Windows 10 due to issues with SafeDisc SecuROM and/or.[1]
    The Sims 2 Official Forum
    EA Answer Center
    EA AnswerHQ (OS X)


    SafeDisc Retail DRM does not work on Windows and vista later versions (see vulnerable versions above).
    The non-Windows ones are no longer sold digitally.
    All versions of Origin Automatically updated, just like the Sims Ultimate 2 collection. Contact Travel Support.[4]
    The Ultimate Collection was removed from Origin in August 2014.
    Ultimate the Collection origin no longer uses DRM securom.[5] However, origin still needs to be running to play.De

    Version Differences

    List of all regions and most different versions available on Wikipedia.

    Additions And Additions

    Major Improvements


    Fixed retail versions of the game requiring installs to require expansion packs/sets in the correct order, which can be found here. The Sims 2 Ultimate in the Origin collection is undoubtedly updated with the latest patch.
    site Although patches for this game are not available, many other patches are available here or here. The fix can be explained here

    4 GB Patch

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro from the website
  • Step 2: Install it on your computer
  • Step 3: Run the scan to find any malware or virus that might be lurking in your system

  • Fully improved stability on systems with at least 3 GB of RAM, allowing the application to use more than 0.2 GB of RAM.

    Graphic Ruler Creator

    sims 2 troubleshooting

    Updates the game file configuration so that the game recognizes your processlitter, graphics chip and screen resolution boosting while performance.

    Skip Intro Videos

    or Delete rename media player files[6]

    For the lowest level game:

    • Remove or rename via TSDataResMovies. < /li>

    For maximum:

    1. Maybe rename or delete collection in

      How do I fix my Sims 2 app crash?

      Delete mission la and try to reinstall. Then you will probably need Rule Maker graphics to match your graphics to the new graphics ruler. sgr because the game should work correctly once (after consumers have launched the game). So make sure the EA Games folder is deleted.

      Fun with PetsSP9TSDataResMovies / code> <.
    2. Delete or rename intro_eng_audio.En movie Double Deluxebasetsdataresmovies um .

    Enjoy Improved Distances

    Remove fog[7]
    1. Open hint console with Ctrl+ठShift+C.
    2. Enter False dontmergenhfora boolprop uintProp and lotSkirtSizeIncrease 120.
    Hints can be loaded from the very beginning of the game by adding them to the build file.


    Game Id="Config Files Location">Paslocation Of Configuration Files.

    Changes the function in
    installed extensions. For example, the Ultimate Collection plan, also known as extensions, would be named ...Fun with PetsSP9....

    Program Data Location

    Save Game Cloud Sync


    Widescreen Resolution

    Why does The Sims 2 keep crashing?

    Sometimes The Sims crash on Windows 10 can be caused by a temporary software glitch that can be fixed simply by restarting your computer or device. This will reset everything that is running in that memory, which can cause the game to crash.

    The following utility also fixes common issues such as graphics settings that are difficult to access or don't apply to newer GPUs, and also simulating black box shadows.

    Using Graphics Maker[quote rule required]
    1. Download but install Graphics also Rules Maker.
    2. Open the program and select Sims the 2 in game from the drop-down gallery. If the current game is not automatically found, navigate to the latest existing add-on/hardware package.
    3. Change in the settings section "Apply game optimization" for the necessary fixes.
    4. Click "Save Files...and" click "Yes" in the popupwindow.
    If, while using the tool, you find that the game does not work at resolutions higher than 800 x 600, or if the aspect ratio of the game is set to 4 : 3, see Fixing X 800 600 resolution.
    If you use the sim-shadow fix method using e-book inclusion, the sim-shadow doesn't really work in the chart rule maker.

    Alternative[Link required]
    The game's maximum default resolution can be 1600x1200. For higher resolutions you need to change the file:

    Electronic next ArtsThe Sims Castaway Rules storytsdataresconfiggraphics.sgr

    Set maxResWidth to MaxResHeight and screen width and height, or copy/paste ours:

    Will Sims 2 work on Windows 11?

    In general, most versions of SIMS work just like Windows including 11, SIMS 4, SIMS 3, sims 2, and almost SIMS like 1.

    ScreenModeResolution optionSetting maxResWidth $LowuintProp 2560uintProp 1600uintProp maxResHeight defaultResWidth 800uintProp defaultResHeight 600$medium settinguintProp maxResWidth 2560uintProp 1600uintProp maxResHeight defaultResWidth 1024uintProp defaultResHeight 768Set high $uintProp maxResWidth 2560uintProp 1600uintProp maxResHeight defaultResWidth 1024uintProp defaultResHeight 768end

    Field Of View (FOV)

    Anyone using the in-game cameras can set their own field of view using the field of view setting in their MP3s via the camera settings located in the %userprofile% gameslesDocumentsea Sims 2Cameras.

    Anti-Aliasing (AA)

    The Sims 2 can't say how extreme VRAM is today's GPUs. Accordingly, by default, the medium security level is used, which is 32 MB, blocking and anti-aliasing.

    Increase the fallback[reference needed]
    1. View with configuration file location.
    2. Open Graphic Rules.sgr.
    3. Look for the following:
      sims 2 troubleshooting
      if section (not $useSoftwareRasterizer)   # failed to get their measurements from device texture memory, force 32MB   at any time ($textureMemory = 0)    Seti 32 texture shop  done

      and set seti textureMemory to GPU VRAM.





    is incorrect during game screens.


    Problems Solved

    Vista/7 Compatibility

    The retail version of the game is full of problems and shows a serious error when loading. An online installation of Hotfix or Extension Packs will definitely fix this.

    Download this software now to fix your PC and improve its performance.

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