Here are a few simple methods that should help resolve the problem with the unrecognized boot volume drive.

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    The “Unmountable Volume” boot error message appears for various reasons. This may be due to a corrupted ad system and cannot be mounted. Also, the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) setting is configured to force the use of practical UDMA modes.

    The “Unmountable boot volume” stop code in Windows 10 when it appears, cannot read the hard drive or solid state drive partition of a computer that has Windows 10 activated. more This is one of the complications, especially of many of the BSODs (Blue Screen of Death). ) screens that you will encounter when using a PC.

    But in particular, it can be difficult to deal with the “Unmountable volume” boot stop code, since data corruption is often the cause of the problem. In almost some cases, restarting or force restarting the computer will not work around the error.

    If you are stuck in a boot image with a “non-mountable boot volume”, you should use the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) to check for and repair corrupted data instances on a healthy computer. A

    However, to access WinRE, you need a bootable Ten windows installation CD or USB stick.

    Create Windows 10 Installation Media

    How do I fix Unmountable boot drive?

    Step Reboot and if you see the error reappear.Step2. Create a Windows installation disk 10.3:Step 4Use Windows Automatic Repair.4Step: Restore the Master Boot Record.Step 5: Run the Chkdsk.6 CommandStep: Try an SFC scan.

    If you do already have a bootable Windows 10 flash drive, skip the next step. If you don’t, you need to create one using the Microsoft Media Age Group Tool. For obvious reasons for its creation, it is necessary to train another computer. You must also have a USB flash drive with less than 8 GB of storage, or opt out of dual-layer DVD.

    2. Launch the Microsoft Push Tool and accept the terms.

    3. You can select Create an installation presentation (USB key, DVD or ISO file) of another for PC and click Next.

    4.Windows For 10, select your language, edition, and architecture. Should be compared to those on a PC with our own BSOD error “Unmountable Volume” boot.

    5. Select a USB drive or select a file. If you want to buy a bootable DVD. Insert a FireFlash DVD or dual-layer disc, then select “Next”.

    Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool will then load the required layouts. Follow the rest of the on-screen instructions to create a bootable Windows 10 DVD or flash drive.

    Load On WedWindows Recovery Control

    How do I factory reset Windows 10 automatic repair?

    Go to the Windows 10 advanced boot options special menu.When your computer finally boots up, select Troubleshoot.And then you need to click on Advanced options.Click Startup Repair.follow 1 previous with method to get Windows 10 advanced boot options menu.Click System Restore.

    Plug or insert a bootable USB flash drive and Windows 10 DVD into the computer that has detected the Unmountable Boot Volume trap code. Then restart your computer and just press any key – if prompted to boot – boot from the installation media. If

    Note: Your computer does not offer to boot from a USB drive or DVD, please change the boot order and try again.

    After booting from the main Windows 10 installation media, select “Next” on the Windows setup screen. Then select Repair your computer.

    You will see the following on the screen: Select Troubleshoot. After that, you will only see the recovery window environment. follows

    You will return to this screen instead of working on the specific fixes below.

    Fix Master Boot Record (MBR)

    Is Unmountable boot volume fixable?

    It is able to solve a number of problems, new and remember that users will also not be left without a solution for a non-mountable boot volume. Boot from Windows 10 installation media (DVD USB) or. Once your Trusted PC boots up, click Repair Your Computer on your PC and select the Troubleshoot option Troubleshoot.1:

    MBR or master startup record contains information about system usage and the various partitions that are on your hard drive or solid state drive. It also allows your computer to start up. recognize the entire and recycle bin operating system at startup.corrupted

    Because MBR can cause an unmountable volume error on Windows 10 startup, you should give it a try.

    2. Enter the following commands in each command line console and run them one after the other:

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro from the website
  • Step 2: Install it on your computer
  • Step 3: Run the scan to find any malware or virus that might be lurking in your system

  • 3. Close this command line console. Then click “Next” to start Windows 10.corrupted

    If the master boot record shows an “Unmountable boot volume” error message, you won’t experience this again.

    Perform Windows Startup Repair

    The recovery environment offers only one option to automatically restore your personal information. If Des Repair MBR did not help all of us, we recommend that you use it at this stage. option Select Repair Startup, then select Windows 10.

    Your computer will be sampled for diagnostics, automatic repair, and problem detection. If this succeeds, you should be able to drag and drop trainers across 10 windows without any problems. Otherwise, return to the WinRE screen.

    Launch ToolSystem File Checks

    System File Checker (SFC) is a utility that most of you can run from the command line to scan and clean up corrupted system files. You have to apply it both to the boot side (a hidden partition containing some boot related information) and to the Windows 10 partition.

    Hook; You may need to first identify the master drive for the boot drive and the Windows 10 drive in WinRE. For this you will need a command line tool called DiskPart.

    3.Identify your Windows 10 boot drive.

  • Your car’s boot disk is about 500 MB in size and is labeled “System Reserved” and is most commonly referred to as “C”.
  • The partition containing 10 windows is usually the same as the local C drive where the explorer file is located. In WinRE it will eventually show up with a different drive letter Example (D). Can you choose the storage size afterwards.
  • Notice both drive letters. You can find them in the bottom ltr column.

    5. Enter a com Control SFC, modify if necessary and press Enter:

    unmountable boot volume hard drive not detected

    Note. Replace C with the default boot drive and D with the letter of the entire Windows 10 drive.

    unmountable boot volume hard drive not detected

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    Dysk Twardy, Którego Nie Można Zamontować, Nie Został Wykryty
    Ontkoppelbaar Opstartvolume Harde Schijf Niet Gedetecteerd
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